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How to Properly Align a Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Fan Cage

This video will show how to align the fan cage on a Schwinn Airdyne AD6 to fix a rubbing fan.

There are two things that can cause the cage to rub the fan on this bike:

  1. The fan cage is bent or the mounting is off due to loose hardware or damage to the cage. If you have recently relocated your bike this is the most likely fix for your bike.
  2. Bad axle alignment in the frame causing the fan to be crooked inside the frame and fan cage.

This video will address fan cage issues. For more about axle alignment issues see our video about how to align the Airdyne 6 fan axle.

  • If the rubbing is minor or the fan cage has visible damage you may be able to bend the cage out of the way as shown in the video.
    • Make small adjustments to the ribs until you have clearance for the fan.
  • In some cases, you may need to loosen the cage hardware and align it around the frame.
    • You will need to remove the shrouds from both sides. There are six Phillips head screws in each shroud. Remove the upper center screw last to easer removal of the shrouds.
    • Loosen the cage hardware.
    • Make small adjustments to the fan cage and test until the problem is fixed.
    • Re-attach the cage to the frame.
  • Replace the shrouds.
    • To ease shroud installation put the pedal in the position seen in the video on each side.
    • Put the shroud in place and install the top center screw first to make installation easiest.

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