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12 Reasons People Join Health Clubs

Health Club Members

If someone is thinking about joining a health club, there are a number of ways to use their interest to your advantage as a club operator. If you know the reasons why they may be thinking of joining, then you can start to market your company successfully by appealing to what they want most.

Keep in mind that on any survey, you must consider the questions being asked and the people answering them. For example, people may not want to seem vain so they don't say that they're solely going to look better. Also, a lot of these reasons are similar, so your marketing plans can cover a few of these in a single campaign or web page or promotion.

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So why do people join a health club?

Let's look at the top 12 answers.....

  1. Health

People want to live longer and happier lives, this is no surprise. By appealing to someone's well-being, you put it into their mind just how important it is to stay healthy. Put in surprising facts about exercise and its effect on pretty much everything we do. From helping to ward off dementia and decreasing depression to combating heart disease, exercise is an absolute necessity for everyone to stay healthy.

  1. Better Self-Image

There are so many things that are out of control in any given person's life. People need something that they can turn to which won't let them down, and which will consistently help them feel better about themselves. A health club gives people the opportunity to form relationships and builds pride when they see their accomplishments. When they start to take the time out to improve their body and brain together, it can create a small shift which will ultimately lead to bigger and better changes. Let potential customers know how much it matters to be good to themselves because that's a message which will never go out of style.

  1. Maintaining Their Shape

When you already have a nice body, you obviously don't want to lose it. Younger people especially may not know quite how difficult it can be to keep up their muscles and definition. Toned bodies may not last all that long, and the more a person is aware of this, the more they can do to prevent it. Let people know that they can easily keep up their physique if they just take some time to invest in the upkeep. A strong recommendation would be to include the message that it takes a lot more effort to get in shape than it does to keep in shape. This warning could go a long way for a health club business.

  1. Their Looks

Ok, so it took us to number 4 to get here, but this is a big one. Most people aren't really thinking about the long-term, even though it sounds responsible to say that they are. When someone wants to look differently, they don't want it in a year, they want it right now. Don't make promises you can't keep obviously, but effective marketing should subtly reflect the benefits of the confidence which comes in feeling good in your skin. It should also speak to their desire of immediacy, especially when summer is quickly approaching.

  1. Weight Loss

This goes hand in hand with reason number 4, but it is a tad more specific. When someone wants to lose weight, they want to literally shed a part of themselves and emerge lighter and freer. You know your customers, so if your clientele tends to be on the heavier side, don't show them a stick figure. It's unrealistic, and will just make people feel discouraged with just how far they have to go. However, if you show a healthy person who actually did lose a lot of weight when exercising at your club, you can connect on more levels than just the weight loss angle.

  1. Getting in Shape

A flabby stomach, arms or legs can really make people feel not so great about their look. Maybe they don't feel fat, but they really just want things to be tightened and toned. Their thoughts are all about how when they head to the pool the last thing they want to do is hang out of their bathing suit. Your health club should be talking about how they can help whip people into shape faster than they could do it on their own.

  1. Keep Up Their Strength

When people lift, they're often amazed at how far they come in terms of the actual weight they can handle. Whether they have a demanding job, or just want to be able to lift their kids in the air while their children still appreciate it, their strength has become a part of who they are. Giving them an easy way to come in and maintain it can be a great way to get them to consider you as the best way to do it.

  1. Flexibility

Joints and muscles have a way of quitting on us when they're not used very often. People may find that touching their toes is not quite as easy as it once was, or they may feel like they're going to wrench a muscle with any sudden movement. Let them know the many different ways that we use flexibility on a day-to-day basis. Advertise classes like yoga and pilates to get people interested in what they can to to increase their flexibility.

  1. Increasing Their Muscles

This is very close to getting in shape which you really can't do without building up your muscle. However, this is likely more about gaining some intense definition and showing a little bulge. Men in particular like to be able to display their muscles, so by showing the bigger guys in your ads you can remind them of where they want to be. This would be about appealing to their masculinity as well as their vanity.

  1. Keep Their Current Weight

There's nothing better than hitting a goal weight, except for when thoughts start coming in about what you need to do to maintain it. Let your customers know that when they drop into your health club, they're doing what they need to do to make sure that all of their hard work was not done for nothing. Their bodies should look the way they do now as long as possible, and your health club is the reason why they'll maintain their weight.

  1. A Health Issue

Physical therapy exercises people's muscles in a strategic way and helps get people back to their original condition before an accident or injury. However, people will likely need continuous work to keep their bodies strong, and what better place to go than to your health club? Whether they're just trying to get their cholesterol down by dropping some extra pounds, or even if they're just exercising to alleviate anxiety, you can speak to a variety of maladies that exercise can help with.

  1. For the Sake of Others

You probably know enough about human nature to know that this one should probably be closer to the top, but kudos to the people who were brave enough to put this down as their answer. You can subtly show in your advertising just how impressed people they know and complete strangers will be when they have the chance to show off their new svelte body all over town.

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Survey source The 2015 IHRSA Global Report



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