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Turn Your Showers Into Green Money Saving Machines!

Save water and energy without sacrificing the performance and shower experience we all expect everyday. That means money in your pocket and smiles on the faces of your club members.

Save Money & Energy

Turn Your Showers Into Green Money Saving Machines!

Oxygenics® showerheads are an eco-friendly product, which saves water, energy and money. Join health clubs nationwide in their green iniative by upgrading to the Oxygenics® showerheads that help them save money and the enviroment. Health clubs are already making a substantial reduction, in both water and energy, without sacrificing performance by using these showerheads.

How Can Oxygenics® Showerheads Benefit Your Business?

  • Eco-Friendly Water and Energy Saving
  • Zero maintenance required,
    install it and forget it
  • One Time Investment
  • Commercial Grade Quality


"The Washington Athletic Club in Seattle saves in excess of $75,000 per year in water and sewer costs by using the Resort Spa® showerhead. Adding in the reduced cost as a result of heating less water for showering and our savings reach 6 figures."

Andy Voogd, Building Operations Manager
Washington Athletic Club

For more information on how to Turn Your Showers Into Green Money Saving Machines!



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