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Rethinking Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a simple, inexpensive way to strengthen your skeletal muscles. There has been resistance (no pun intended) to resistance bands by some people because of how they say resistance bands feel when they’re using them. Resistance bands are unlike dumbbells or barbells because you don’t know exactly how much you’re lifting. While this is true, the amount you lift basically depends on how you use them. If you put the right amount of tension and use good form, you can get a tough, beneficial workout from resistance bands. Plus, how would you like to have an entire gym in your suitcase when you travel? This is possible when you carry on resistance bands because of the variety of exercises you can do. You can change directions during your exercises and challenge your balance and core. Here are few exercises that can amount to a full body workout to get you started today.

1)      Bicep Curl- Stand on the resistance band with one foot or both if you want to challenge yourself. Grab the handles and pull up like you’re doing a dumbbell curl. Do three sets of ten.

2)      Squat- Stand on the resistance band with both feet and hold the handles up to your shoulders. Lower yourself until your legs are a ninety degree angle. Come back up. Do three sets of ten.

3)      Chest Press- Wrap the resistance band around a pole. Stand with your back to the pole. Press forward and release. Do three sets of ten.

4)      Seated Row- Turn around after chest press. Pull handles in towards you making sure to squeeze your back as you go all the way back. Release. Do three sets of ten.



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