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Ok, so maybe not the cure for the disease (lock jaw is an old term for tetanus), but definitely the cure for some of your weightlifting needs. Olympic bars typically lack any sort of integrated mechanism designed to keep the plates from slipping off. This is by design, as you need to be able to quickly slip plates on and off during actual weightlifting competitions. What you actually use to keep the plates on, however, can be a major factor in your lifting. Traditionally, a metal sleeve was used that had a tension handle screwed into either one or both sides. You’d turn these handles to secure it to the bar. This, however, isn’t ideal (not to mention the screws can potentially damage your lifting bar). For one, during heavy lifting sets, the screws can easily loosen due to the impact of the bar hitting the ground or the cradle.

Enter the Lock Jaw Collar. This is a fairly new product that has been getting rave reviews by weightlifters all over the world. Its simple, easy to use design has made it popular with both amateur and professional lifters alike. It’s incredibly easy to use. Simply pull on the release handle to release it, and push it down firmly to secure it to the bar. Nothing could be easier. The collars are constructed of high-impact nylon resin polymer, so not only are they extremely durable, they’re completely immune to the effects of the environment. No rusting here! The chain like design also fits any barbell out there. The inside surface is a non-slip material, so they won’t slide off, and unlike the heavier metal collars, they only add about 12 ounces to your overall weight. Currently, SPORTSMITH carries them in a matte black color, and you receive a discount when purchasing multiple pairs. Grab some today, and take your weightlifting game to the next level!



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