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How to Adjust Chain Tension for a Schwinn IC Bike

Video Demonstrating How to Adjust Chain Tension for a Schwinn IC Bike

  • This video will demonstrate the chain tension procedure on a Schwinn IC bike
  • Tools required:
  • 15mm Wrench
  • 10mm Wrench
  • 4mm Allen Wrench
  • Although the tension is set at the factory over time the chain may loosen and need adjustment
  1. To inspect the chain tension, remove the chain guard
    • Use a 4mm Allen wrench to remove the 3 screws as shown in the video
  2. Turn the pedal to the 3 o' clock position (as shown in the video), then grasp the chain guard and move it back past the tab at the back of the chain guard
  3. Place the pedal in the 9 o' clock position and you can remove the chain guard as demonstrated in the video
  4. Test the chain for 3/16" of deflection
    • If adjustment is needed, loosen the nuts on each end of the axle with a 15mm wrench
  5. Now using a 10mm wrench, make equal adjustments to the bolts that stick through the frame at the front of the cycle
    • Then retest the deflection
    • Make small adjustments until the proper 3/16" of deflection is achieved
  6. Tighten the axle bolts and replace the chain guard
  7. This completes the procedure of adjusting the chain tension on a Schwinn IC bike



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