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Schwinn Triple Link Pedals Everything You Want to Know

These pedals fit all Schwinn Indoor Cycles. Also fits many StarTrac and Keiser Indoor Cycles. They will fit any bike that will accept a 9/16" threaded pedal. This pedal is two-sided with 3 different options of use. One side works with Look Delta style cleat or with the included toe clip. To engage the cage or cleat place it over the pedal and push down.

To adjust the release tension turn the tension screw clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen. The toe cage has a locking feature to prevent accidental release during use.

You must push down on the lock to remove the toe cage. To remove the toe cage grab it with both hands and turn the front of the cage away from the bike. The opposite side works with most SPD style cleats.

To install the cleats place them over the pedal and push down. To remove turn heel inward or outward to release cleat. To adjust release tension turn the screw. Clockwise will increase and counter-clockwise will lower the tension.

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Warning: This pedal is for Indoor Cycles only. Do not use on outdoor bicycles. There are no reflectors for safety, and the pedal can rotate dangerously close to the ground in some instances.

Although it looks the same as the delta style cleat, the Keo cleat is smaller and does not work with this pedal. It is also not compatible with any indoor cycle that accepts tapered



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