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How to Assemble a Sportsmith Wooden Plyo Box

Instructional Video about How to Assemble a Wooden Plyo Box by Sportsmith

  • In this video we show you how to to assemble a Sportsmith wooden plyo box
  • The first step is to unpack the plyo box and make sure you have:

- (4) Side Panels that include two marked "A" and two marked "B"
- (1) Bag of Hardware that includes 16 Screws
- (1) Top Panel

  • Note: Though wood glue is not included, it is highly recommended
  • Take caution when assembling parts
- You want the rough square edge of the panels to face the inside of the plyo box and the rounded smooth edge to face the outside, as demonstrated in the video
  • Using one panel "A" and one panel "B" lean them against each other as shown
- Be sure that the top edge of the two boards are lined up and that both boards are lined up straight
  • Using one of the included screws, install a screw into one of the pre-drilled pilot holes
- Do not tighten the screw completely; just install the screw about half way
- This will leave some play in the assembly for alignment of all the pieces
  • Once you have assembled one panel "A" to one panel "B", set it aside and assemble the other half of the plyo box
  • Now that you have both "halves" assembled place them together as seen in the video and start the six screws that will attach the two halves together

Be sure you have not tightened any of the hardware completely before the next step

  • NOTE: Though wood glue is not included, it is highly recommended for assembly of this Plyo Box
- It will greatly increase the life of the box
  • Set the top piece in place. Then align one edge and install a screw through the top panel using one of the pre-drilled holes
  • Now move to the opposite edge and make sure the top panel is aligned before installing the screw
  • Make any final adjustments to the alignment and install the last two screws into the top panel
  • Make sure all alignment is correct and then tighten all hardware
- Don't forget to tighten the screws in the top panel

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Recently, Plyometric Boxes have really taken off as a great way to cross-train, especially with programs like high intensity interval training. SPORTSMITH carries a wide variety of Boxes, ranging from those that are adjustable and made of all-metal frames to fixed ones that come pre-assembled. Recently, we started carrying a new style Box, and it’s really nice!

These Wooden Plyo Boxes are made of super sturdy plywood, and have a landing surface that is entirely covered in a non-slip, high grip surface.  The non-slip surface is very handy when trying to quickly knock out high repetitions ob box jumps. All of these new Boxes feature beveled edges for extra safety, and are angled like a pyramid for maximum stability. So no need to worry about coming down on a sharp edge. They’re also perfectly designed for heavier athletes, as they have hardwood support slates secured inside them. This not only makes them extremely sturdy, but also allows you to stack them for storage. Being able to stack these bad boys is huge! No need to worry about the boxes getting stuck on top of another one. Plus, stacking is a great space saver. Pre-cut hand holes allow for easy transportation, as well.

SPORTSMITH offers these new Boxes in three sizes. Sixteen inch, twenty inch, and twenty-four inch. They also come either assembled or unassembled. The unassembled ones can be put together very easily will save you a bundle on shipping costs. Lastly, we also offer a Box that has a really handsome red mahogany finish (pre-assembled only). You’ll be the envy of your gym when you bring in one of these! Get yours today!