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Stud Bar Installation

If you're serious about pull ups, chin ups or kipping pull ups, you need a sturdy fix mount bar. The standard Stud Bar is a gym quality pull up bar ideal for any home gym.  The 48" width allows for wide grip pull ups and anything your training workout might throw your way!

Not all of us were a born handyman, so below is a video on how to install your Stud Bar.

Installation Tips:

Important-Drill deep pilot holes for lag bolts.
Drive lag bolts into studs using an electric drill.
Do not drive or over torque lag bolts by hand using a ratchet. This can overtorque and break lag bolts.
Use 1/4" X 4" toggle bolts for metal studs. Available at your local hardware store
Before using, ensure pull up bar is properly secured to surface to prevent injury.
Stud Bar and Sportsmith, LLC are not responsible for injury or damage resulting from improper intallation.