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Stairmaster Steppers C40 Console Repair

C40 Console Repair Video Demonstrating Replacement of the PCB and PCBA for Stairmaster Steppers

  • This video demonstrates the steps necessary when replacing the PCB and/or PCBA in order to repair a C40 console used on Stairmaster steppers
  • This procedure applies to the following models:
  • 7000PT Stepmill
  • 4400PT
  • 4400CL
  • 4600PT
  • 4600CL
  • To begin changing the console boards on your machine you must first remove the console from the machine. You will need to disconnect the main cable harness and remove the four screws that hold the console to the frame
  • Once you have removed the console from the machine you need to remove the six screws from the back of the console. After the screws are removed you can carefully separate the two pieces a bit and see the two cables that connect the two panels as shown in the video. These two cables must be disconnected before you can separate the back panel from the front
  • The ribbon cable that connects the two boards must be removed by separating the connector as shown in the video and then carefully lifting the ribbon off the connector. Once you have successfully removed the cable that connects the two boards (PCB and PCBA), you can flip the panel up slowly as shown in the video enough to see where the keypad ribbon connects to the PCB. Carefully remove the keypad ribbon from the connector on the PCB. Now you can fully separate the two panels
  • At this point you can access the boards to replace the one giving you issues. For instance if you have diagnosed the console as having a bad PCBA you can now replace that board by removing the four screws that attach it to the panel. Then carefully remove the board
  • To install the new one carefully line up the holes and replace the screws as seen in the video
  • If you have determined the PCB as the problem you will remove the five screws attaching it to the panel and then carefully remove the board as shown in the video
  • Before installing the new PCB to the panel you will want to make sure that the interconnect cable is connected fully and connected to the proper connector as shown in the video. If they cable is connected to the wrong connector it will not power up or work at all. This is a common mistake when replacing the board/s
  • Now replace the board and screws
  • Then you can re-assemble the console, but be sure to connect the cable and ribbon fully and to the correct connector. It may help to stand one panel up next to the end where the keypad ribbon goes from the keypad to the PCB. Then plug in the interconnect cable that connects the PCB to the PCBA as seen in the video
  • Place the 2 panels together and replace the screws. The Longer screws go in the bottom portion of the console and the 2 shorter screws go in the top part of the console. Once the screws are replaced you can install the console to the machine
  • Be sure to connect the main cable assembly to the back of the console and be certain the cable is fully connected with the tabs in the locked position as shown in the video
  • This concludes our example of how to replace a PCB or PCBA when repairing a C40 console found on steppers by Stairmaster

Stairmaster Steppers – Preventative Maintenance

About This Video

This video is covers preventive maintenance on your Stairmaster SC916 Stepper. Following a good preventive maintenance schedule will reduce equipment down times and repair costs.Due to the workout your equipment gets from use, they can become dirty over time.

Inspect the heart rate grips (if equipped) and make sure there is no accumulation of sweat on or around the contacts. A non-abrasive cleaner can be used on the contact heart rate grips daily.

Inspect all the shrouds and ensure they are securely fastened and no cracks have developed. Use of abrasive cleaners can create cracks in the shrouds or cause them to become brittle.

Inspect the cup holder shroud. Make sure there have been no holes drilled into the shroud for the purpose of allowing sweat to drain and preventing accumulation. The proper method of dealing with the sweat accumulation in the cup holder shroud is regular cleaning of the area.

Once you’ve made all the shroud inspections, step up onto the pedals. Feel the motion of the unit and verify smooth operation. Listen for irregular noises. A good maintenance routine allows you to recognize how a unit in good operating condition should feel and sound.

Next, inspect the step chains. The links of the chain should move freely. The chains should be lubricated on a 3 month basis with 30w motor oil.

Inspect the pedal hardware. Each step the user takes, there is movement of the pedal hardware. Ensure that all the snap rings are secure to their shafts and none are working free. If a snap ring is not secure, it’s possible that damage to the pedal can occur or it could fall off during exercise and possible injury could occur.

These are the main points for preventive maintenance.