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Gymnastic Rings

When one envisions the classic Olympic sport of gymnastics, they generally think of the traditional equipment. The pommel horse, the uneven bars, and of course, the rings. The rings when used in Olympic events are some of the most physically challenging routines in the whole of gymnastics, but the rings aren't just for performing mind-boggling feats of strength on. They're also great for getting in a challenging, unique workout, and can be used by anybody, not just perfectly honed Olympians.

When used as an exercise device, the rings allow for "bodyweight training", which has become immensely popular as of late, as it requires little floor space to use, and requires little in the way of equipment. Just the rings and straps and a place to hang them is all you need. The military has especially taken interest in these types of exercises for it's troops, as the equipment is extremely portable, and they can exercise and stay fit even when deployed to remote locations, where they wouldn't have access to traditional weights and other equipment.

To use the rings, you simply need to hang them from a sturdy surface. Then, you can do a variety of exercises, including push-ups and pull-ups. The "wobbly" nature of the rings forces you to constantly try and maintain your balance, not unlike a balance board, but instead of maintaining full-body balance, the rings force you to keep balance with specific parts of your body, which isolate certain muscles and give you a workout literally like no other available. Imagine doing a push-up, but the surface your hands are on is continually shifting and moving. You're going to have to keep in constant motion yourself to keep your balance, and this will exercise muscles that rarely get used, giving your body a stronger core and building incredible muscle tone and mass quickly and effeciently. Ring exercises are also a known way to overcome "plateaus", which is when your body reaches a level of fitness where it's difficult to achieve any higher progress. The rings force you to make movements that you've never had to before, and will overcome these plateaus.

SPORTSMITH currently carries two different types of exercise rings. The first is the EFX Gymnastic Rings. These are sold in pairs, and come with everything you need to begin exercising right away. They're light, portable, and have 3 different grip surfaces for different types of exercise. You can hang them just about anywhere,  making them ideal for an apartment, or for places not suited for lots of exercise equipment. The second type we sell are the Wright Gymnastic Rings. These rings come with an extra long attachment strap (18 feet long, to be exact), and are made of a high-impact polycarbonate material that is super strong, yet lightweight. SPORTSMITH is proud to carry these exercise rings, and provide our customers with yet another option in their never-ending quest for fitness and strength!
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How to Setup Gymnastic Rings

EXF Rings Setup Guide from Tyler Hass on Vimeo.

Setting up Gymnastic Rings can be done in various ways. No matter where you decide to set up your rings, be sure the area for use is free of all obstructions.

Indoor use:
The straps can be thrown over a bar, beam or ran through an eye screw installed into the framework of the ceiling. Rings can even be set up in a doorway with the use of a pull up bar. This would be good for most abdominal work, pushups and dips; however, it is not good for high ring work.

Outdoor use:
The straps can be thrown over a tree limb, swing set, monkey bars and wherever else one may find at the local park or playground.
Performing workouts outdoors allows for the addition of sprints or jogging during sets. Bring along a medicine ball or kettlebell for more variety to your workout.

Once the strap is in the desired place, you then run the strap through the buckle and the ring is now ready for use.