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Elliptical Maintenance

Performing Regular Maintenance On Your Ellipticals Will Save You Time, Money, And Effort In The End

Performing regular maintenance on your ellipticals will save you time, money and effort in the end. Always, consult your owners manual for the brand of elliptical you maintain and follow all safety guidelines before performing any maintenance tasks.

Daily Maintenance:

Turn the elliptical off and unplug from the electrical source. Using a damp cloth wipe down the covers, handlebars, stair-arm wheels and stair-arm ramps. Wipe the electronic console with a damp cloth. Be careful not to use any cleaner that contains alcohol or other corrosive cleaning agents. Simple Green is the best; it will not corrode steel or aluminum parts. Look for debris collecting around the axel of the stair-arm wheels and remove. Inspect the power cord looking for nicks, cuts or flattened power cords. Replace the power cord immediately if any defects are found.

Inspect the elliptical ramp assemblies for signs of wear or cracking. Older Precor 544 elliptical models using the flatter rectangular ramps are more prone to cracking. The easiest way to inspect for cracks on the 544 models is taking the end caps off the ramps and shine a flashlight into the cavity. Light penetrating through the surface of the ramp is a crack. You should replace the ramps immediately. If the ramps show minor nicks and scrapes, you can use ramp sleeves to extend the life of the ramps. Words of caution do not use ramp sleeves if the ramps are cracked.

Weekly Maintenance:

Weekly maintenance is very simple. All you will need is a vacuum cleaner or mop, depending on what type of flooring is at your facility. Turn the elliptical on its side and either vacuum or mop the floor to get rid of the dust bunnies. When turning the elliptical on its side take care not to scratch or bend the handrails.

Quarterly Maintenance:

For quarterly maintenance, you will need bearing grease and a tool kit with the following list of tools:

  • Allen Wrench Set
  • Screwdriver Set
  • US Metric Socket Set
  • US Metric End Wrench

Check LED and keypad functions making sure the keys do not stick when pressed down. Inspect the key pad for holes or punctures and replace if necessary. Inspect the power cord looking for nicks, cuts or flattened cords. Replace power cords at the first sign of damage. Check the speed sensor function while operating the machine and looking to make sure the stride rate is displayed while the machine is operated.  Clean and lubricate the lift motor drive screw with bearing grease.  Remove the rear cover and inspect drive belts for wear and proper tension. Replace belts that show signs of fraying.  If the drive belts feel loose, adjust to the proper tension.

Always consult the documentation that came with your equipment.  These tips are general in nature and do not cover all brands of fitness equipment.