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How to Remove a Crank Arm Using a Crank Arm Puller Tool

Video of How to Use a Crank Arm Puller Tool

  • In our video we show you how to use a crank puller tool
  • Tools Needed:
    • Cotterless Crank Puller Tool
    • 7/8" Wrench
  • Be sure and remove the crank arm bolt before installing the crank arm puller
  • Now that you have removed your crank arm bolt, to get the crank arm off you will need a crank arm puller tool
  • The tool used in the video is a Park Tool marked CCP-22
  • To see our complete listing of crank pullers, click here.
  • Begin by threading the tool into the crank arm as far as possible by hand
  • Then, using a 7/8 inch wrench turn the crank puller as far into the crank arm as possible
  • If you only finger tighten the tool into the arm your risk damaging the crank arm, the tool or both
  • Once the tool is fully threaded into the crank arm turn the handle of the crank arm puller clockwise to press the arm off of the bottom bracket spindle

For more info about this video and tools used click here.