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Unfortunately, everyone has to deal with being sick. It usually hits at the most inopportune times. This holiday season, along with decking the halls, protect your club members against all sorts of illnesses with some of the effective anti-microbial products that we carry.

Fitness Equipment Cleaning Wipes

By far our best selling wipe (and one of our best selling items overall), this box contains 2 rolls of 900 sheets each. These wipes clean and deodorize and are alcohol free. They come in sealed bags. So just pop a roll into a dispenser (see below), and you're all set. They are designed for use on gym equipment, and are safe for most any surfaces.

Antibacterial Wipes

These alcohol and lint free hand wipes come with 4 sealed packages per case, 800 sheets per roll. These are FDA approved wipes that are a great way to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. They won't dry your hands out, and smell fresh and clean.

WIPESPlus Surface Disinfecting Wipes

As with several other wipes we carry, these are alcohol free. Useful for more than just equipment, these wipes come 4 packages to a box with 800 sheets per roll. Intended as an all purpose wipe, these can be used on any surface that potentially dirty hands touch, including counter tops, doorknobs, and most gym equipment. Kills a wide variety of microbes, including the virulent staphylococcus aureus and several types of influenza virus, even destroys certain types of fungus. Don't be left defenseless against the ravages of these types of nasties, folks. Defend yourself with these low priced bug killers.

Purell Sanitizing Wipes

Featuring the same anti-microbial power that's in Purell hand sanitizer, these convenient wipes destroy 99.9% of all common germs that cause illness. Packaged in a convenient, transportable bucket, just pop the top, get what you need, and replace the air tight lid. We also carry refills for the bucket once you run out. These are ideal for workplaces, gyms, offices, anywhere large groups of people gather. 1200 sheets per roll. NOTE: Due to this product containing Isopropanol alcohol, they CANNOT be sent via air. Ground shipping ONLY.

Dispensers and Floor Stand

We also carry a dispenser in which to put our various lines of wipes. In addition, we also carry a floor stand to put the dispensers in. No need to look in a hundred different places for what you need!