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Top 10 Benefits of Using Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are weights, which resembles a globe with a handle. It has its origins in ancient Greece and it made its way into Russia many centuries ago. However, its popularity as an exercise tool was very recent in the western world.

Top fitness trend for the year 2009:

Kettlebell training was named as one of the top ten fitness trends for the year 2009 by the Council on Exercises (ACE) and still maintains its rising popularity among fitness lovers. For those who are looking for the right fitness tool, Kettlebells could provide the answer. However, making the decision to use Kettlebells should be done with proper understanding and following are the top 10 benefits of using Kettlebell training as a routine workout.

Top ten benefits of using Kettlebell training:

*Total body workout

The design of the Kettlebell with a displaced central gravity would mean that the user has to stabilize the Kettlebell using multitude of muscles and joints. Thus, each swing, press or a lift using a Kettlebell would invariably workout several muscle groups including the stabilizing muscles as well as joints.

*Efficient exercising tool

Its efficiency would be another benefit of Kettlebells and could be attributed to the ‘ballistic nature’ of Kettlebell training exercises. Swings, snatches, clean and jerks would make the body move as a single unit and therefore would be more efficient than traditional weight bearing exercises.

*Building core strength

In order to maintain better fitness and good health, one needs to have a strong and a healthy core.  Kettlebells would provide just that and according to the plane of motion, the core strength would develop on the same direction. This would mean that, everyday activities such as bending and lifting could be done without a hitch and one would never have to feel sore after such a lift.

*Improved endurance

Kettlebell training will enable a person to gain strength as well as stamina. Thus, it improves the endurance level of a person far superiorly to other cardio exercises, which may not be able to give both at the same time, or to the same extent.

*Improves mobility

Kettlebell design and its training routines will increase muscle flexibility along with muscle strength and joint stability.

*Builds better posture

Kettlebell training would enable a person to strengthen the back muscles from head to toe which is essential in maintaining a better posture and to avoid those nagging aches and pains. It will not only enable better performance during sports activities but would also help in the day-to-day activities as well.

*Fits in with a busy schedule

Kettlebell training sessions are usually shorter than traditional exercise routines although it can achieve the same result.  Thus, it would be ideal for persons with a busy schedule whom would not be having time to visit the gym or else to spend time on several exercising machines to build fitness.

*Compact, portable and safe

Kettlebells can be stored in ones bedroom and would not take much space during its workout. At the same time, as Kettlebells come in different sizes and it includes many different training routines, individuals of any age would be able to make use of it without worrying about adverse outcomes.

*Efficient fat loss

Kettlebell training would provide different methods of burning body fat and this would include, increased metabolism due to ‘explosive movements’, building of muscle mass which enables fat burning throughout the day, and hormonal effects due to total body movements.

*Fun and enjoyable

Many exercise routines and equipment would make the person bored and would be less enjoyable with time. However, with its short exercise routines and variations, Kettlebell training would be fun filled and enjoyable to many.

The benefits of using Kettlebells are endless and its superiority has been proved with time as well as through research. With its rising popularity, one could be assured that it would remain a top most fitness trend for many years to come.


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