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2014 Seasonal Flu is on the Rise

Gym Wipes, Disinfecting Wipes & Antibacterial Wipes

People who care about fitness should care about influenza. Seasonal flu is a serious problem every winter, and the current trends for the 2014 flu season show influenza on the rise. It can spread quickly anywhere a crowd gathers.

Even a light case of the flu can make life miserable for more than a week, spoiling work, workouts, and play. Yet it is possible to fight the spread of flu.

Protect your members from:

•Flu complications
•Flu downtime
•Lasting lethargy and sub-par performance

Health clubs and fitness centers are especially vulnerable to the flu, because the members all share the same equipment, and often everyone grabs it in the same place. Nobody wants to take the time to worry about germs, but they appear each flu season, and a swipe with a personal terrycloth towel will not wipe them away

The Problem

Germs spread easily where people spend time close together, and people can spread the flu and many other illnesses before they even feel sick. As the CDC says, “Most healthy adults may be able to infect others beginning one day before symptoms develop and up to five to seven days after becoming sick.” Flu virus survives on surfaces too, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control. Yet a few simple precautions will keep your gym from being “Where I got the flu.”

How do you fight influenza? Fitness helps people stay well, but so does hygiene. Providing wipes and towelettes shows athletes that you are looking after their health and safety, and protecting everyone from a disease that can spread like wildfire. Clean and sanitize all the surfaces your athletes touch, to look out for the members of your fitness facility.

The Solution

The three sanitation concerns for fitness facilities are exposed skin, hard surfaces, and soft surfaces. Sportsmith provides solutions for all three.

1.  Anti-Bacterial wipes contain a gentle effective sanitizer especially formulated for use on the body. It smells effective but not strong, and dries quickly, leaving skin feeling fresh. Making wipes available is one easy way to prevent the spread of influenza and other infections among your members:

• Use on hands, arms and legs, wherever you touch equipment
• Safe and effective on facial skin

2. Disinfecting towelettes clean hard surfaces. They kill viruses, fungus and bacteria, including staph. This product is gentle enough to use without gloves, yet highly effective. Use on:

• Metal
• Plastics
• Laminates
• Rubber
• Plexiglass

Flu complications can include pneumonia, meningitis, and encephalitis. These are all rare. However, downtime from the flu is common. Influenza takes its victims out of action for up to ten days, and sometimes longer.

Even when someone gets over the flu, they may still not feel completely back to normal. It can take months before an athlete functions at peak again. Influenza and other viruses can really put a dent in performance.

Protect your members from the flu and many other contagious diseases, and keep your facility sparkling. Take care of your members, with economical body wipes, towelettes, and cleaning wipes from Sportsmith. Your members will know you care.

Additional Resources:

CDC Seasonal Flu Information


New TRIO QR® and the TRIO® Pedals!

TRIOQR PedalSportsmith is proud to now carry the TRIO QR® and the TRIO® Pedals!

TRIO QR®’s “Quick Release” design makes it that much easier to quick change between riding with
everyday shoes, LOOK® or SPD® cleat connections. With a push of a button riders are able switch which pedal style they need. Both TRIO QR® and the TRIO® Pedals come in threadless (Morse Taper) or standard thread…. Yes, that means they fit on any indoor cycling bike! Spinning has truly out done themselves with these designs. Whether you choose the “Quick Release” or not your members will enjoy the benefits that both TRIO® Pedals provide. With the over-sized commercial grade pedal spindles
and sealed bearings you will love these pedals just as much as your club members!

Spinning recommends the following threads for specific bikes:

  • Threadless (Morse Taper) pedals recommended for Spinner® Blade, NXT, NXT-SR, and steel frameeSpinner
  • Threadless pedal only fits 2012 (or later) model year Spinner bikes manufactured by Star Trac
  • Standard Thread pedals recommended for Spinner® Pro and non-Spinner brand indoor cycling bikes

So what makes these new pedals so special?

  • They easily accommodate other non-cycling shoes with their snap-in pedal platforms.
  • They can easily be removed from a platform due to the patented quick release levers.
  • They also adapt to SPD® and Look® Delta cleats.
  • Added durability means over-sized commercial grade pedal spindles and sealed bearings to keep you logging miles.

New Sportsmith Spring Catalog 70 and Training Catalog

Sportsmith Catalog 70Hot off the press is the new Sportsmith Fitness Parts & Products Catalog along with the Sportsmith Fitness Training & Conditioning Catalog and we have the inside scoop on what’s new! First off you have to check out the Smart Phone App Tag Feature! Throughout the catalog we have tags for videos, tutorials, error code messages, and articles to help make maintenance just a bit easier!!!
Find newly featured replacement parts for the LifeFitness Seated Leg Curl model FZSLC and model PSSLC. Also new to the Sportsmith catalog are replacement parts for CYBEX bikes 625R & 625C.

Here's a list of some of the new products we're excited about and featured in the new catalog!!

Can't find a part or product you need in our catalog? Don’t forget to check out or call 800-713-2880 for a complete list of parts and products offered by Sportsmith.



Best of IHRSA 2013

IHRSA 2013


IHRSA 2013

What could be more exciting than getting a sneak peak on what’s to come in the Fitness World?!! This year at IHRSA all the fitness products and equipment were nothing short of amazing! The only bad thing is we wish we could have stayed longer!

First we got to start off our trip at the Stairmaster 30th and Schwinn 10th Anniversary party. It was great to mingle with some wonderful people in the fitness community! It was great listening to the speakers and having some alumni there to check out how far the Stairmaster has come after 30 years! Did you know that Sportsmith is Stairmaster and Schwinn’s authorized product support center? Yup! So give us a call if you have any questions!

We started our morning off right with an early morning workout by Xerciselab. We checked out the Build Lab class. This is a workout that uses your body weight as resistance. My thighs are still burning from all the squats!

Then we were off to the trade show floor. Oh the smell of new equipment… Ok, maybe it was the Chobani Greek Yogurt we were smelling... Still amazing! We were in awe of all the new technology that has come out for the new equipment. A hot new product we loved? The Grid Mini by Trigger Point- we may not leave home without one now. I was dying to lie down and try it out along with the ColdRoller. Unfortunately the Grip Mini is not available until April. We were also able to hop onto Star Trac’s new TreadClimber®- love it! Some popular items this year seem to be surf board workouts (SURFSET Fitness, FreeMotion Fitness, and StrongBoard Balance), Suspension training (TRX, Jungle Gym XT) and different functional training stations (SYNRGY 360T by LifeFitness and CT8 Fitness Training System by Tuff Stuff Fitness).

We had a wonderful time checking out the new equipment and can’t wait to get some new stuff in stock!

Click on the links below for video from the show.

MT EverClimb



National Family Health & Fitness Day

This year’s National Family Health & Fitness Day falls on September 29th, and as every year, on the last Saturday in September. Events are scheduled in local communities throughout the United States, to promote family involvement in physical activity. There are many ways, and just as many reasons to participate.

Lifestyles have changed through this country’s evolution to its present state, and so has the level of physical activity in its families. This is commonly evidenced by the overall American state of health. The American Health Foundation says that health improvement in the U.S. has declined more than 69 percent over the last decade, as compared to the 1990s.

Various issues are often purported to be the root of this decline, yet, regardless of cause, the evidence is still the same. American families need more physical activity.

Physical activity is beneficial to the health of both mind and body. This applies to anyone, at any age. Parents who set an example for their children, in scheduling regular physical activities for the family, are setting them up with healthy habits that could last for a lifetime.

These activities may not need to take much extra time, if any at all. You might easily integrate some into regular daily activities, such as walking to work or school. Still, if you are uncertain as to how much physical activity is necessary to maintain a healthy body, there are some suggested guidelines to work with.

Adults require two types of physical activity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These include moderate-intensity aerobic activity for 2 ½ hours weekly; accompanied by two or more days of muscle-strengthening activities, that work all the major muscle groups.

For younger family members, The National Institutes of Health states that most children need at least an hour of physical activity each day. A few of the benefits that this one hour can yield are stress relief, a healthy weight, and raised self-esteem.

On the other end of the spectrum, a lack of physical activity may yield the opposite effect. According to the Mayo Clinic, physical activity helps to prevent, and even to heal the effects of such inactivity. These include high blood pressure, obesity, and depression, to name a few. These types of issues often come together, making it easier to prevent them than to overcome them.

Alarmingly, these issues are no longer exclusive to adults, as many had once considered them to be. Obesity itself is now considered at epidemic levels, and affecting any age.
Aside from unwanted physical and emotional health issues, obesity has unexpected financial costs, and thus creates expense that anyone can afford to lose. An infographic from Forbes offers some surprising insights into this aspect.

It offers straightforward facts such as, in America alone, in the year 2010, medical costs related to obesity were at $160 billion. Gas consumption, due to increased passenger weight in earthbound vehicles, went up an extra 938 million gallons for that same year. Airline fuel consumption soared, as well. Yet, these are just a part of the unnecessary expenses associated with obesity.

This epidemic must be faced.

Hence, family health and fitness is one venue to empower each family member individually, as well as the family as a whole.

Empowerment could mean that you or your child may never need to take on the challenges and associated health risks of an obesity issue; or it could mean that a family member who already has can experience the thrill of victory, with overcoming these same things.
Physical activity puts your family more firmly in control of its own physical health, and hence, of its own financial health.

National Family Health & Fitness Day can be that first step in a healthier direction, or it can be another step on the road to family fitness. It matters not what level of fitness your family is at, it is a day to re-empower your whole life, and the life of your whole family.

The National Family Health & Fitness Day website offers suggestions on where you may find these events held in your local community. These can include your local YMCA, schools, health clubs, and various other community locations. Your local newspaper may have events in your area listed in its community events section.

If you happen to live in an area without an event held nearby, you can still participate in the day. Invite your family for some physical activity, and enjoy the benefits in more ways than one.

Suggestions for the day might include:
* A walk
* A bike ride
* A game of Frisbee golf
* Line dancing
* Rollerblading, roller skating, skate boarding
* Any sport the whole family enjoys participating in

Whatever you do, be creative, have fun, and be actively involved in your family’s health and fitness.


Indoor Cycling, the Past, Present & Future

Indoor Cycling or Spinning has become a cornerstone of modern fitness. The sessions combine cardiovascular exercise with variations in pace and technique to give an intensive workout and training program. Spinning is a versatile class which attracts everyone from professional athletes to complete beginners.

The Past.

Stationary bikes had been part of gym workouts and home routines for years when the concept of Spinning revolutionized indoor cycling. Long distance cyclist Jonathan Goldberg a.k.a Johnny G came up with the concept in the late eighties and debuted it in the early nineties.

Johnny G arrived at the Spinning concept when he narrowly avoided an accident while training outdoors at night. He knew that a stationary bike would allow for a safe indoor workout and also allow him to concentrate fully on performance rather than the road or terrain. However he also knew that the workout on a stationary bike was too limited and inefficient to really be a decent training session.

Rather than make do with stationary bicycling,  Johnny G aimed to create a bike which mimicked his road bike in as many ways as possible. Perhaps most importantly the Spinning bike allowed the rider to stand up to pedal.

Training indoors not only created advantages in terms of road safety, especially relevant when so many people can only train in the evenings after they finish work, but it also addressed seasonal variations in temperature and weather which can interfere with getting a safe and optimal workout. Safety and training was the original inspiration for Indoor Cycling; the combination of the two is what has made this class so popular.

Johnny G owns the Spinning brand but competing programs exist such as Reebok’s Studio Cycling and Keiser’s Power Pacing. The official Spinning program is currently in partnership with Star Trac while the original partner, Schwinn, now has an independent program called Schwinn Indoor Cycling.

The Present.

News about the Spinning program spread fast in the USA and from there to Europe and beyond until indoor cycling became one of the most well established fitness options available. The workout is safe, low impact and can burn up to 500 calories in 40 minutes while working not just the legs but different muscles groups such as shoulders, triceps, abdominals, back and hips. This appeals to people of different backgrounds with different fitness levels and different fitness and training goals.

What makes the indoor cycling concept so versatile for groups of mixed individuals is that people come together and experience the energy of a group atmosphere but are not expected to complete the workout or make progress in tandem with the rest of the group. The non-competitive nature of Spinning means that although the whole group may increase their effort level to simulate riding up a hill the actual increase in intensity is tailored to each individual. No one is left behind and no one crashes ahead. This individual workout in a group setting is part of what has made Spinning so popular; group energy without herd choreography.

By monitoring heart rate, distance, speed and intensity,  it’s possible to have sessions be effective training for pro athletes and a good calorie burning workout for general fitness enthusiasts. In the Johnny G program,  different sessions have been created such as Race Day Workout, Endurance Workout, Recovery Workout, Interval Workout and Hill Workout.

Instructors don’t just guide cyclists through techniques but provide strong vocal motivation and help participants use visualization to excel at their workout and meet their long term fitness and training goals.

The Future.

In an interview with WebMD Sports and Fitness,  Johnny G spoke about his vision for the future of Spinning as being focused on increased instructor training. The idea of using an instructor to push motivation can be developed by involving the idea that physical and mental wellbeing and accomplishment are interconnected. A good mental approach boosts physical performance but equally a good workout,  where a cyclist faces challenges, overcomes adversity, exceeds expectation by developing ability and so on will create a better mental outlook away from classes. It’s likely that this therapeutic angle will become much more deeply ingrained over the next few years.

Accompanying language led visualization and motivation will be advances to the already rapidly developing audio and visual elements of indoor cycling. Specially structured music, video and lighting will simulate a road bike journey, aid visualization of the workout such as increase, decrease of intensity, and assist an overall mental journey throughout the session. The immersive aspects of indoor cycling are certainly going to be a big growth area.

In the bikes themselves, the future of Spinning is predicted to be in the customizability of the equipment. Bikes, which tilt and move around to simulate not just road biking but different terrains are another potential avenue which may take off. Even PowerPlate has made a powerBIKE which uses PowerPlate vibrations to increase muscle activity and boost calorie consumption during a workout. Diverse approaches are sure to be seen but what will remain constant is that Spinning provides a safe, intensive and varied workout or training session.


All of you Indoor Cycling Needs in One Place!!

Very recently, SPORTSMITH launched a new website solely dedicated to indoor cycling.  You can rest assured that we carry all the parts and accessories you will need for your stationary indoor cycle! We stock all of the most popular brands, such as Schwinn and LeMond, and our parts are competitively priced. Easy browsing means you won’t have to spend as much time looking for what you want, and as always, we offer quick and user-friendly checkout, and multiple delivery options. What are you waiting for? Go visit today!


Sportsmith Digital Catalog 62

Sportsmith is proud to announce that our Catalog 62 is now available in digital format. Interactive Catalog 62 is one of many in the new online digital format to better serve our customers and take advantage of the growing trend towards digital and online service.  Features include:

  • Shop the catalog anywhere, anytime.
  • View instructional videos.
  • One click access to parts and products.
  • Share easily
  • Eco-friendly

Our digital catalog comes in high-quality Flash format, and you will need Adobe Flash Player 10, which is available for free here. It is incredibly easy to navigate pages and zoom into areas that interest you. It also features a handy search function, so you can go directly to the pages you want with a simple click of the mouse.

Sportsmith is proud to bring our customers the easiest and most convenient ways to place orders with us. One more way to better communicate with the industry we serve. We’re preparing all sorts of new and exciting ways to make your shopping and ordering easier in the near future as well!

To view the digital version of Catalog 62, click here.


Sportsmith Digital Catalog 61!!

Sportsmith is proud to announce that our Catalog 61 is now available in digital format. Catalog 61 is the first of many in the new online digital format to better serve our customers and take advantage of the growing trend towards digital and online service.

Our digital catalog comes in high-quality Flash format, and you will need Adobe Flash Player 10, which is available for free here.  It is incredibly easy to navigate pages and zoom into areas that interest you. It also features a handy search function, so you can go directly to the pages you want with a simple click of the mouse.

Sportsmith is proud to bring our customers the easiest and most convenient ways to place orders with us. One more way to better communicate with the industry we serve. We’re preparing all sorts of new and exciting ways to make your shopping and ordering easier in the near future as well!

To view the digital version of Catalog 61, click here.



Recently, SPORTSMITH added a new feature to it’s website. We now host a variety of instructional videos. Simply click on the Support tab on the main page of our website, then click on the boldface Videos link to be taken there. This is a new and exciting feature of our website, and not only do we currently host over fifty different videos, we plan on adding many more in the months to come!

Most of these videos are produced in-house at SPORTSMITH and are created by our talented team of technicians to insure that the information that is given to you is correct and easy to follow. Each video that is hosted on our site also has a set of written instructions directly below the video player so that you can verify that you’re following the instructions correctly.

Currently the videos are broken down into several different sets. These sets cover routine maintenance, parts installation and removal for some of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment on the market today. As of this writing, there are four distinct sets, and they are available for viewing any time of day. Of course, the actual number of videos will be ever changing, so be sure to check out the SPORTSMITH website for updates.

6 videos covering LifeFitness treadmill maintenance, including instructions on how to change the deck and running belt.

10 videos covering various aspects of Schwinn products.

30 videos on many Stairmaster products. These videos cover a range of maintenance and technical aspects for the Stairmaster line.

7 videos detailing maintenance techniques on the Star Trac line of treadmills.

Please be sure to visit our website and check out these informative videos. We also have a Youtube page where you can also watch some of these videos on the Sportsmith Channel. We at SPORTSMITH pride ourselves on not only providing the best in customer service and affordability to our customers, but also a full range of technical support. If you have any questions about what you’ve seen in any of our videos, please feel free to call our knowledgeable tech support staff.