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Sportsmith now has a new online forum! That's right, the standard for posting your thoughts, ideas, and opinions is now one of the many online options that SPORTSMITH gives you. Powered by vbulletin, one of the largest hosts of forums on the whole of the web, our forums are a place where our customers and clients can gather and express themselves! Though the forums have just recently gotten up and running, there are already plenty of informative threads available for you to peruse. We have a full moderator and admin staff to help you with anything you might need, as well. We plan on writing many new threads to keep you informed of new happenings at SPORTSMITH, as well as to inform you on various technical matters concerning your exercise equipment. Head on over to to register your account and get posting today!

Sportsmith supports community and the forum is a place where anyone can come share their information about the fitness industry. This is a great place to ask questions and share your thoughts.



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