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Star Trac NXT Crank Bolt Torque

How to get Proper Torque of a Crank Arm Bolt for a StarTrac NXT

  • In this video we are showing how to properly torque your crank arm bolt using an adjustable or "click" style torque wrench.
  • Tools needed:
  • You will begin by removing the crank arm bolt cap with a flat tip screwdriver.
  • Once it's removed make sure your torque wrench is set to 30 foot pounds for the StarTrac NXT.
  • It's a good idea to tighten the brake assembly to aid in holding the crank arm still as seen in the video.
  • Place the wrench in position and tighten until you hear the click of the torque wrench, as shown in the video.
  • The click lets you know you have achieved the preset torque with this type of torque wrench.
  • Don't forget to release the brake assembly tension and re-install the crank arm bolt cap.

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Don’t Leave Your Gym without Trying the Yoga Straps

One of the best parts about yoga is that it can be done anywhere and without much equipment. It is truly a democratic routine. All you really need is a yoga mat, yoga blocks, and yoga straps. A good yoga mat is important because it will shield your feet and body from the ground. You will spend a lot of time on the ground, so it's important to be protected. Besides the yoga mat, yoga blocks and yoga straps can help lengthen your body. In the beginning, you may not be flexible enough to perform some of the poses. A yoga block or yoga straps allow you to perform the move without too much strain.

If you do decide to start a yoga program, you should conduct research and look for classes in your area. Gyms offer many different classes depending on style and experience level. For example, Bikram Yoga runs 90 minutes and consists of doing 26 poses in heat. If you can't make it to the gym and are doing it at home, there are some moves that you should absolutely consider trying out to feel the bull benefits of yoga.

  • Downward Dog strengthens your upper body and can help relieve lower back pain. Start with your knees and hands on the ground about shoulder length on the ground. Lift your knees off the ground until your legs are straight. Walk your hands a few inches forward and your feet a few inches back. Suck in your stomach and hang your head loosely. Hold for two minutes as you breathe deeply.
  • Warrior 1 will loosen the hips and put stress on the knees to strengthen them. Start in Downward Dog and lift your right leg off the ground. Make sure your leg is straight. Kick your right foot forward and go into runner's stance. Put your back foot down and slowly ascend your hands and chest until you're upright. Your hips and shoulder should be aligned. Hold for two minutes while breathing deeply and go back into Downward Dog to do the left leg.
  • Chair is the perfect exercise to work your glutes.  As your feet touch, raise your arms into the air. Drop your knees and sit back as if you were sitting on a chair. As you breathe, try to get so low that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure your knees and thighs are touching Hold for two minutes or as long as possible as you breathe deeply enjoying the stretch.

How To Install a Ramp Sleeve onto a Precor Elliptical

About This Video

Installing a Ramp Sleeve onto a Precor Elliptical

  1. In this video we demonstrate how to install a ramp sleeve onto a Precor elliptical.
  2. Tools required:
    • Bungee or Piece of String
    • Wet Soapy Cloth* or Paper Towel*
    • Clean Dry Cloth
  3. Use a wet soapy cloth* or paper towel* to clean the surface of the ramp, making sure it is free of all dirt and debris
  4. Ramp surface needs to be completely dry before applying the ramp sleeve
  5. This is a very cost effective way to get more life out of your ramp assembly
  6. Once the ramp assembly is clean and dry, remove the paper from the two sided tape on the ramp sleeve and place the sleeve onto the ramp assembly by holding the sleeve at an up angle and aligning the bottom edge before pressing the ramp sleeve into the ramp assembly as shown in the video
  7. Press firmly all over the sleeve to ensure it is completely fitted to the ramp assembly
  8. Now you can remove the protective cover from the top of the ramp sleeve and let the pedal arm back down into position for use
  9. Repeat steps to install other ramp sleeve

*(non-citrus based cleaning agent - Precor approved cleaner is 30:1 solution of water and Simple Green®)

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