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No Resistance on the Stairmaster Stepmill 916

About This Video

This video covers the electronic troubleshooting for a complaint of No Resistance on the Stairmaster Stepmill 916.

Tools Needed: Multi Meter, Assistant for Testing Purposes

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Torch Your Abs with Stability Balls

Every time I go into my gym, the treadmills and elliptical machines are being occupied, and there seems to be a never-ending line at the weight benches. While these pieces of equipment are all fantastic and should be included in your workout, I must bring attention to a simple piece of equipment that always appears to be forgotten, the stability ball. Stability balls are a wonderful way to shape and strengthen your core.  They force all of your abdominal muscles to work to perform the exercise, thereby giving you a complete core workout. Too often, sit ups or crunches only touch on some of the abdominal muscles, which only cheats you of the fitness and health goals you want. Benefits of a strong core include better balance, more energy, better posture, and less risk of injury. Here are four stability ball exercises to fire up your core now:

1)      Leg Tuck: With this exercise, you work your lower abs. Put your hands on the floor and toes on ball like you’re in an elevated push-up stance. Roll the ball to your chest by bending your knees and then roll it back. Feel free to roll diagonally to work the obliques.

2)      Around the World: Sit on the stability ball with your feet to the floor. Circle your torso to the left and then back to the starting stance. Repeat on the right side. This will work your obliques as well.

3)      Ball Sit: Lean against the wall with the stability ball separating you. The stability ball should be against your lower back. Go down so that your legs make a right angle. Hold for a minute. This will work your glutes and core.

4)      Ball Sit-Up: This is a sit-up on the stability ball. Sit on the ball and put your feet out so that your knees make a ninety degree angle. Place your hands behind your elbow and lie all of the way back. Squeeze your abs and come all the way up. Fall back and repeat.



Established in 1979, the Wright Weight Equipment Co. has been supplying the Southern states with quality, extremely durable weightlifting equipment for over 30 years now. SPORTSMITH is proud to feature their high-quality products in our lineup.

  Olympic barbells differ slightly from traditional barbells used in weightlifting. Instead of being just a solid straight piece of metal, they have rotating sleeves. This allows the lifter to do certain kinds of lifts easier due to less rotational inertia being exerted on the weights, and thus, less risk of injury or releasing the bar at an inopportune time.

  Wright barbells are made of the highest quality materials available. They feature brass-insert bushings in the rotating sleeves to allow the smoothest spin possible for the weight plates, and many are zinc coated to ensure a bright, corrosion resistant finish that will last a lifetime.

  SPORTSMITH currently carries several different varieties of the Wright Bar. The HD bar is their standard bar. Made of high tensile steel, and coated with shiny zinc, they are rated at 1200lbs., are 7’ long, and weigh 45lbs. They feature knurling on the grip areas for superior a superior hold on the bar. Next is the Wright Women’s HD Bar. This one is specifically designed for women to use. It’s the same length as the HD Bar, but slightly lighter, at 33lbs. All of the other features are exactly the same. Lastly, we carry the Wright Aluminum Technique Bar. This is a much lighter (11lbs.), and somewhat shorter (6ft.) bar designed for practicing lifting techniques. It is rated for 150lbs. of weight, and is made of sturdy aluminum. It’s perfect for someone who’s just getting into weightlifting and wants to practice techniques before moving on to the seriously heavy stuff.

  Weightlifting is a time-honored sport, and an excellent exercise for strength building, and SPORTSMITH carries a full line of equipment. When it comes to the Olympic style of lifting, the Wright bars are some of the best around!


Kettlebells Can Maximize Your Gains

You may have heard the term kettlebells in your gym or read the word in Men’s Health, but many people who exercise don’t incorporate them into their training routine, which is quite the disservice. The best way to describe kettlebells is that they are cannonballs with handles. Unlike dumbbells, the majority of the weight of kettlebells is beyond the reach of the hand. Yet just like dumbbells and resistance bands, kettlebells are an effective way to build strength and gain a complete cardiovascular workout.
The reason for their effectiveness is in their shape. Since the weight is beyond the reach of the hand, it is tougher to control kettlebells. The hands, arms, back, legs, and core must work harder to maintain form. This increase in muscle activity means an increase in metabolic output, which means more fat lost.
Kettlebells put a new spin on old exercises. A key component of building mass and strength is tricking the muscles. If you do the same routine each time you work out, you and your muscles will get bored. You will not put in the same effort, and your gains will plateau. Doing a chest fly with kettlebells, rather than dumbbells, changes the exercise completely resulting in mass and strength increases. Plus, kettlebells are versatile and can be used to work out many different parts of the body. It is possible to do a total body circuit workout with just two kettlebells and push your body to the limit. Kettlebells are a necessity in any home gym and should make an appearance in your fitness regimen if you are looking for something different that will make you leaner and stronger.


A Popular Exercise Routine

There are many people, all over the world, who participate in yoga as one of their daily exercise routines. Yoga has been around for many years and is a traditional physical, mental, and spiritual discipline that originating in ancient India. The goal of yoga, which many people may not be aware of, is to attain a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. Yoga is also associated with meditative practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, and is something that many people enjoy doing as a group. Many gym facilities incorporate yoga into the workouts they offer to their customers, and it has proven to be one of the most popular forms of exercise today.

Yoga has many different accessories that you are able to use to assist you in this workout. Whether it is a yoga mat, yoga straps, yoga blocks, or a yoga stretch board, these materials will drastically improve your workout and help you to achieve the results you wish. The goals of yoga vary depending on the person and the range of how much they want to improve their health. The main goal of yoga is actually to liberate oneself from all worldly suffering, and is described as entering the world again. Yoga is a routine that is easy to enjoy and is something that anyone can do. Unlike other activities such as basketball, soccer or general jogging, anyone at any age can participate in yoga and get something out of it.

If you are interested in yoga and all that it has to offer the mind and body, look into what your local gym facilities are offering and get enrolled in a yoga routine today. Despite what some people may think, yoga can be just as much of a workout as any of your typical sports would be, so don’t hesitate any longer in experiencing what this exercise is all about.